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Life Transforming Books  Company’s founder  is successful  businessman and bestselling author Daniel Petzler. 

The company has built an impressive history in the distribution of titles covering just about all subjects of general reading interest. Life Transforming books represents more than 1000 titles covering such subjects as; self-improvement, success, motivation, health and well-being, hobbies, sports, activities, new age,dating, philosophy, the occult, metaphysics, marketing, television/film acting, writing and producing. Name a subject, chances are LIfe Transforming books has a title covering it.

Our books are applicable to the needs of schools, universities, business operators, persons in the legal, medical and arts professions, just about everyone interested

In the acquisition of knowledge. We specialise in knowledge-gathering, self-help books to satisfy the reading requirements of information seekers.

Ilifetransformingbooks titles seek to motivate the mind.

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