A Treasury of the Art of Living

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A Treasury of the Art of Living brings together the keenest observations of the world’s greatest thinkers. “Great men taken in any way,” wrote Thomas Carlyle, “are profitable company.” They are perhaps most profitable when they speak to us about the dilemmas, the problems and the anxieties that weigh heavily upon our hearts and minds.

We in our time are the heirs of all that these thinkers have ever thought and written. Their literary harvest is more accessible than ever before and it is more desperately needed than ever before.

In this collection, Sidney Greenberg has included only the wisest and most inspirational thoughts of great thinkers. There are 86 themes in this therapeutic collection, including the art of living, of living happily, of living at our best, of living with our families and our fellow man, of living with our heritage, and of living when life is difficult.

George McDonald wrote, “Instead of a gem or a flower, cast the gift of a lovely thought into the heart of a friend.” A Treasury of the Art of Living is a collection of lovely thoughts and ideas that are constructive and calculated to bring out the best in us and to deepen our commitment to enduring moral and ethical values.

Author: Edited by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg – Foreword by Harry Golden
ISBN: 0879801689