Ask the Pros: Screenwriting

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Can’t sell your screenplay? Problems with the third act? No relatives in the ‘biz’? Then ask the pros! Final Draft screenwriting software has secured the services of top studio and television executives, literary agents, managers, script consultants, producers and produced screenwriters to answer the most important questions on the minds of developing and emerging screenwriters.

Professionals from ICM, UTA, Writers & Artists Group International, DreamWorks, MGM Paramount and many more take the time to stop and answer your questions. From development hell to optioning properties, from working with partners to seeking representation and selling specs, its all covered with in-depth discussion and anecdotes.

A special section by the screenwriting gurus include questions answered on plot and character development, script formatting, story structure, submitting your script to agents, script lengths, screenplay contests, script coverage, the best way to market your script to producers and much more. Our experts will tell the reader what’s right and what’s wrong with a screenplay and how to fix it. They’re tough and tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

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