Beginner’s Guide to Horseback Riding

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Would you like to show, hunt, ride in horse trials or race? Or do you want to know just enough about horses to take a quiet ride through the countryside? Whatever your aims are in riding, the more you know about the sport the more you will enjoy it. Riding horses has fascinated people through the ages because there is always something to learn, there is always a new horse to ride and every horse is different.

Beginner’s Guide to Horseback Riding shows you that the fundamentals of riding are fun. Most people can stay on a horse at a walk, trot and canter after a few lessons. But the better your form and the greater your understanding of your horse, the more confident you will be and the more readily your horse will respond to your commands. Good horsemanship means good fun; better horsemanship means more fun.

Whether you wish to ride one day a week or seven, whether you aim to jump five-foot fences or to canter through the park, you will want to develop good horsemanship. The ingredients of good horsemanship are an understanding of horses in general and the horse your are riding in particular – plus good form. Through good form you can tell your horse clearly what you expect of him and you will be secure and comfortable in the saddle.

Author: Sheila Wall
ISBN: 0879802847

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