Horses – Their Selection, Care and Handling

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argaret Cabell Self’s books on horses will be found in practically every library and certainly in every home where there is a horse lover.

Born in the hunting country of Virginia, the author says that she learned to ride before she could walk. She settled in Connecticut after marrying and started each of her four children riding at the age of two. She founded the Silvermine School of Horsemastership with Verl Sturgis Crew which established criteria and methods for the teaching of horsemanship and horsemastership.

Horses – Their Selection, Care and Handling is a volume that tells all about the horse from the novice’s purchase of an animal to the taking of blue ribbons in the show ring.

The author describes the more familiar breeds of horses, their characteristics and the use to which such information may be put in order to help you select the horse that will best suit your purpose.

The feeding, grooming and general care of a horse are discussed along with the cost in time and money, so that a person planning to own a horse or pony for the first time will be able to judge what this entails.

In addition to the basic rules of training there are a great many hints on the everyday handling of horses, which will prove of great value to the novice or to someone who, having perhaps ridden a great deal, has never actually taken care of a horse. They are the “tricks of the trade” which make the care of a horse easier and more enjoyable.

Author: Margaret Cabell Self
ISBN: 0879801956

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