Know All About Horses

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Know All About Horses is a reference book designed for the non-professional rider, the casual rider, those with curiosity about and an interest in horses – especially beginners, both children and adults. Essential basic information concerning principal equestrian activities is presented, as are fundamentals concerning the anatomy, nature, care and history of the horse.

The coverage is purposefully broad, including basic topics such as ailments, stable management, shoeing and characteristics, and more complex topics such as horse shows, foxhunting, steeple-chasing, flat and harness racing, polo, cowboys and the West, reference material generally only available in obscure manuals, and mounted games, a test of horsemanship and horse-mastership. Although the armed forces no longer include horse cavalry, it is included for sentimental reasons. Under “General,” there is an outlined plan for a 100 mile ride (over other than mountainous country), and under “Horse Shows” there is a brief planning guide for horse show managers.

Under each major subject, the material is organized in logical order and natural association. There is a bibliography and an abbreviated index. Let Know All About Horses be your reference guide to the world of Horses.

Author: Harry Disston
ISBN: 0879802944

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