Leadership Dynamics – Kit

245.00 $

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Now you can learn how to succeed as a dynamic leader of others, how to gain the respect, recognition and admiration of others via your confident self-image and personal charisma.

If you desire to move up the success ladder very quickly, this self-motivating, insightful study system will help you to achieve your career goals surprisingly fast. This study course focuses on:

  • Getting others to see you as important
  • How to look and be successful
  • How to achieve the best in life
  • How to use scientific thinking to win
  • How to acquire a millionaire mentality
  • 10 key reasons to become a personal power
  • How to release yourself from fear
  • How to impressively present yourself
  • How to overcome your problems
  • How to manage your life

Comes complete in a compendium case and includes GROW RICH book, LEADERSHIP manual, 8 KEYS TO PERSONAL POWER cards, SUCCESS STRATEGIES handbook, 5 POINT PLAN, personal portfolio, GROW RICH CD and DRESS chart.