Natural Healing Therapies

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This is an unbeatable collection of over 250 tips, remedies and body treatments. It teaches how to harness the natural healing abilities of flowers, herbs, aromatherapy, massage, healthy foods and the holistic practice of ayurveda. Over 600 inspirational colour photographs illustrate the techniques, enabling these natural remedies to be practiced at home or in work. It features easily-learned restorative therapies to keep body and mind in top working order, with treatments promoting skin care, vitality, a healthy digestive system, sleep and a stress-free existence. This is the essential guide to maintaining all-round physical and emotional health in the face of daily stresses using only natural, health-giving remedies and ingredients.

Here are over 250 fast, effective techniques that target common health problems associated with every area of the body, from migraines, dry skin, spots and mouth ulcers to tense muscles, abdominal pain, travel sickness, restless legs, poor circulation and listlessness. There is also a wide range of emotional healing therapies to combat low spirits and continual fatigue, and promote sustained clarity, positive-thinking and creativity.

Author: Raje Airey & Jessica Houdret
ISBN: 1844762246

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