Sales Cybernetics – Kit

245.00 $

The Psychology of Selling

Become a top sales professional and as big a winner as you desire. Brian Adams’ unique 32-hour home study system helps you to establish a career in selling.

Achieve success fast with new 21st century cybernetic sales methods. Study in the privacy of your home the techniques that earn salespersons enormous incomes. If you’re bored with your job, aren’t earning a big salary, feel insecure about your future, SALES CYBERNETICS can help you now!

This easy-to-follow program motivates you to achieve super career goals, to become a dynamic achiever, a top money earner.

There’s professional advice on compiling a resume, job interview techniques, creating strong impressions, reading body language, opening and closing sales at the precise psychological moment, prospecting, selling by phone, handling objections, staying ahead of competitors, self-motivation and leadership ability. The ‘how-to’ is in the kit.

An extremely valuable training aid for the established sales representative as well as the sales recruit wishing to bring career development, substantial increase in income and a thorough knowledge of present day trends in selling.


Save years of costly career mistakes, jump right into professional selling with these proven sales methods. Become a top sales entrepeneur. ACT NOW!


Study at Home to Succeed

  • New age sales formulas
  • 12 master sales keys
  • Cybernetic close techniques
  • Buying motive secrets
  • Rising to sales manager

The home study kit contains:

305 page book – Sales Cybernetics, 2 Sales Manuals, 8 Lectures on 4 tapes (or 2 CD’s), Sales Formula Cards, Speed Reader, Signature Book Mark, instruction folder and presented in a handsome compendium case.