Staying in Love

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Creating an emotional partnership is different today from what it was a mere twenty-five years ago. We have new options and possibilities in our pairings, and new pressures and problems. We are confronted with a smorgasbord of possible choices in lifestyle and ways of relating. But in gaining this freedom to shape our relationships in new ways, we have lost the securities and stabilities, traditions, beliefs and myths that helped our grandparents know themselves and live accordingly. We have been thrown back on ourselves to identify who we are and what kinds of connections with others will make us feel safe, comfortable and pleased with ourselves.

In these circumstances, millions of couples have marriages and other pairings that are less satisfying than they could be.

It isn’t necessary for two people to remain in painful or unrewarding ways of relating. A partnership can be reinvented if partners learn how to go about making a change.

Staying in Love explains how to work your way through the different emotional realities that are part of any relationship, to a mutually satisfying partnership. It tells how to create a partnership that is appropriate for you and your partner as individuals, with your own special ways of experiencing life.

Author: Dr. Norton F. Kristy
ISBN: 0879804149