The Working Director: How to Arrive, Thrive and Survive in the Director’s Chair

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This book is not about where to put the camera. It’s not about the great masters of the cinema. This book is about one thing: being hired to direct film and television again and again. Truth is, short of a $50 million weekend or an Academy Award™, you’re up against serious competition for every directing job. And there are things you do or neglect to do every day that affect your chances of being hired. That’s what this book is about.

From that all-important first phone call through prep, production and post, right up to getting your next and better job, Charles Wilkinson tells you how to get the job, do it well and make the friends who will hire you to do the job again. Producers hire and keep hiring working directors like you for a list of reasons so long it would fill a book…and it has.

Author: Charles Wilkinson
ISBN: 1932907025

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