Therapy Through Hypnosis

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Authoritative discussions by twelve leading physicians and psychologists on how hypnotism has cured impotence, frigidity, anxiety, alcoholism, obesity, insomnia, smoking and other ailments of the mind and body.

Therapy Through Hypnosis explains how hypnotism has been used to cure the mind and the body. Sixteen articles, including interesting and detailed case histories, written by the leading practitioners of hypnotherapy in the United States and in England, describe how hypnotism has cured a variety of psychosomatic ills.

These articles explain what hypnotism is and how it is conductive to rapid psychotherapy, how the use of hypnotism results in cures in a fraction of the time ordinarily required without it. Particular hypnotic techniques, such as the hand levitation method of hypnosis, the induction of hypnogogic reveries, and a technique for overcoming resistance to therapy, are described.

“This book will do much to sweep away the nonsense and superstition associated with hypnosis…Mr. Rhodes is to be congratulated on the production of a book which will rank as the foremost work of reference, and indeed as a possible classic, for years to come.” – The British Journal of Medical Hypnotism

Raphael H. Rhodes, the editor, is a consulting psychologist in New York City, and the author of Hypnosis: Theory, Practice and Application, which has been widely acclaimed as one of the clearest explanations of the techniques of hypnotism.

Author: Edited by Raphael H. Rhodes, foreword by Melvin Powers
ISBN: 087980162X

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