Three Magic Words

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Three Magic Words is a ground-breaking book about the greatest idea in the world—a secret revealed in just three words—an idea so simple, so startling, so wonderful that it can start you on an adventure that will forever change the way you see yourself, others, and life. Knowing the secret opens up a whole new world of contentment, fulfillment, joy and abundance.

What Are You?….Why Are You Here?

This is the age of uncertainty. This is the time of emotional upset and nervous instability. This is the era when man, surveying the universe from atop the heap of his material accomplishments, sees his insignificance in comparison to the stars, understands how puny is his strength in comparison to nuclear power. This is the time when man, in his headlong rush to master the elements and harness nature’s energies, has come far enough to know that he treads the wrong path to his own security. For there is no security in machines or electricity or electronics or nuclear power.

If you read this remarkable book through, and do what it tells you to do, you cannot fail to accomplish what it promises. Three Magic Words is a book that many people carry with them for years, referring to it again and again to remind themselves of its powerful, life-changing message. Your life, too, will be affected, for once you learn the three magic words, you will feel compelled to live by them, every day of your life.

Author: U.S. Andersen
ISBN: 0879801654