Writing the Killer Treatment

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The most commonly heard phrase in Hollywood is not “Let’s do lunch.” In reality, you’ll more often hear: “Okay, send me a treatment.”

A treatment — the snapshot of your feature film or TV script — reveals your story’s structure, introduces your characters and hooks and is often your first, and only, opportunity to pitch your project.

There are dozens of books on how to write a screenplay. This is the only book that takes you through the complete process of creating treatments that sell. It includes:

  • Developing believable characters and story structure
  • Understanding the distinctions between treatments for screenplays, adaptations, sitcoms, ‘Movies of the Week’, episodic television and soaps.
  • Useful exercises that will help you improve your craft as a writer
  • Insightful interviews with Oscar® and Emmy® winners
  • Tips and query letters for finding an agent and/or a producer.
  • “What Every Writer Needs to Know” from the Writers Guild of America, West

Michael Halperin worked as an Executive Story Consultant for 20th Century Fox Television and on staff with Universal Television. He has written and/or produced numerous television episodes and documentaries, and is the author of Writing the Second Act: Building Conflict and Tension in Your Film Script.

Author: Michael Halperin Ph.D
ISBN: 094118840X

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