Writing the Thriller Film

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A good thriller will rupture the reality of your everyday world. It will put you on guard. Make you aware. That is the disquieting objective — successfully achieved — of this book as well.

Writing the Thriller Film concentrates on the ‘Cosmos of Credibility’, those not-so-obvious elements of screenwriting that contribute the essential meaning to a script. To do so, this book traces the thematic commonalities that actually define the genre and offers corroboration from a number of screenplays, including such classics as North by Northwest, Marathon Man and 3 Days of the Condor.

You will discover:

  • The effect of the practical rules and physical expectations of the real world on the story
  • The timescape of the genre
  • How both the protagonist and the antagonist must react to make a thriller effective
  • The need for your characters to make difficult choices with unexpected results

Author: Neill D. Hicks
ISBN: 0941188469

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