You and Your Pony

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This book is for everyone interested in ponies, whether from the riding or the schooling point of view. Since ponies, like people, come in all sizes, it is for adult as well as junior riders.

It is written not only for beginners who have a pony and don’t know what to do next, but also for riders with some experience in riding a schooled horse but little or no experience in starting and training a young “green” pony.

It is a book for both parents and children. Ponies are idea for a family, and you’ll get more fun out of your pony – and even your family! – if you all share in working him.

Twenty-three hundred years ago an ancient Greek who knew a lot about horses wrote: “See to it that the colt be kind, used to the hand, and fond of man.” Xenophon’s advice still holds true today, and it is what is stressed in this book on working with a pony.

Author: Pepper Mainwaring Healey
ISBN: 0879803606

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