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From Fear to Confidence contains 15 power-packed chapters that help you, step-by-step, to rise above obstacles, regain your self-assurance and remake your life into an exciting rewarding and prosperous one.

Here, at last, is a simple yet highly-effective way to overcome peer pressure and intimidation, to gain rock-solid confidence and to develop a special aura which impresses and influences people you socialize and do business with.

You will learn how to raise self-esteem, develop character strength that enables you to control fear, worry and anxiety, the creators of emotional instability, stress and illness.

You will discover how to release your personal power mechanism to turn moroseness, discouragement, self-pity and failure into enthusiasm, faith, good humor, improved health, happiness and success.

Your rejuvenated mind and emotions will motivate you to take on challenges, plan new objectives and vigorously strive for career advancement and wealth-attracting achievement.

This inspiring book shows you how to re-channel your creative power to improve your talents and skills potential, how to project a magnetic personality and appealing vitality to attract new friends and opportunities. It will be your daily guide to poise, peace of mind, affirmative acting and positive self-control over your life.

If you are tired of being labelled a follower instead of a leader, a procrastinator rather than a doer, a timid, nervous type instead of a controlled person, then this book will prove to be an invaluable aid in the total restructuring of your life.

It is imperative reading for those desiring complete self-mastery.

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