Students Guide To Better Grades

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Too many high school and college students do not appreciate properly the great importance of making high grades in their courses. They are willing enough to take a high grade if given to them, but they prefer to make the maximum grade with the minimum effort. Keeping in mind that grades are a manifestation of the learning process, this book gives invaluable advice as to how grades can be improved and the learning speed and retention of a student can be increased.

Why are high grades so important? On the basis of high school grades, college admission procedures are set up. Accelerated programs and advanced classes are based on the criterion of high grades. Good grades are a must for graduation. Above average grades are necessary for graduate work. And last, but not least, scholarships – for many the only way to attend a school of any sort – are given out on the basis of good grades.

In A Student’s Guide to Better Grades, Professor Rickard covers all phases of college life and the influences, good and bad, on the student in his pursuit of an education. From college admission to graduation, the student will find a wealth of practical advice and common sense to guide him.

Special tips are given on choosing a major, fulfilling course requirements, selection of electives so as to receive the broadest possible education, how to use the library more effectively, writing papers and themes, class work, examinations, and even how to go about selecting the right professors.

Of special aid is the study plan and time chart to help the student in the proper allocation of his time and energy. Every facet of campus life is covered, and time allotted for social life as well as for work and rest.

In addition there is a complete section on the proper forms and techniques for the writing of papers. Included in this section is a form guide covering any question that might arise during the writing of a research paper.

A Student’s Guide to Better Grades represents the rules, techniques, methods, and ideas formed over a period of thirty years. It is a well-written, authoritative, common sense approach to a practical problem confronting students everywhere.

Author: J.A Rickard
ISBN: 0879801522

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