Whole Health for Happy Dogs

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Whole Health for Happy Dogs is a complete reference guide to help you understand what it takes for your dog to be at optimal health. From what you should feed to how to protect your dog from pesky pests, Whole Health for Happy Dogs offers everything you need to know to care for your dog naturally, and keep him tail waggin’ happy!

Intimidated by dog health books that are overwhelming for the busy pet owner to read? The Whole Health for Happy Dogs is a refreshing alternative. It touts all natural health, but provides plenty of options and research so that dog owners can make the very best decisions for their dog’s lifelong health and well-being. Above all, this information is presented with plenty of illustrations in a manner that is a quick-read.
You are your dog’s medical mentor, in charge of their health. The decisions you make from puppyhood on affect the rest of a dog’s life. To do this you need to clearly understand the traditional as well as non-traditional approach to dog care. Whole Health for Happy Dogs encourages dog owners to explore these issues and helps them make better-informed decisions for their pet’s health, and very possibly save themselves thousands of dollars in vet bills. Advice comes from both traditional veterinarians and those practicing alternative health
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