How To Succeed – Audio Tapes

10.95 $

Expanded ideas and entrepeneurial strategies and tactics for success are dynamically presented by the author to use in conjunction with his internationally best-selling book. Boost self-esteem, develop personal power and influence through lateral thinking techniques, overcome self-defeating feelings and behaviour

Listen and learn to enhance health, overcome anxiety, stress and fear. Dramatically improve career and business performance. Two highly informative lectures on each tape to bring affluence through expanded achievement.

Subjects covered:

Tape 1, Side 1 – How To Gain Riches and Success
Tape 1, Side 2 – How To Develop Your Personality
Tape 2, Side 1 – How To Acquire Confidence & Power
Tape 2, Side 2 – How To Achieve Life-Long Ambitions
Tape 3, Side 1 – How To Become a Dynamic Leader
Tape 3, Side 2 – How To Cure Your Ills and Attain Tranquility
Tape 4, Side 1 – How To Solve Problems & Make Decisions
Tape 4, Side 2 – How To Use Cosmic Laws To Succeed