Grow Rich With Your Million Dollar Mind – Lecture/Seminar (CD)

29.95 $

8 outstanding lectures from the author on  wealth strategies, overcoming problems and set-backs, applying scientific strategies to  become a personal power and how to release yourself from fear and manage your life stress free. Brian Adams has been  acclaimed as one of the most inspirational speakers on the subject of life and successful living.  After listening to this this CD  you too will become highly motivated to get your life into high gear.

Wealth strategies for those who want to achieve. Presented by Brian Adams.

  • Getting others to see you as important
  • How to Look and be Successful
  • How to Achieve the Best in Life
  • How to use Scientific Thinking to Win
  • How to Acquire a Millionaire Personality
  • 10 Keys to Become a Personal Power
  • How to Release Yourself from Fear
  • How to Impressively Present Yourself
  • How to Overcome your Problems
  • How to Manage your Life Stress-Free

Running Time:  Approximately 77 minutes