Sales Cybernetics – Lecture/Seminar (2 CDs)

47.95 $

“SALES CYBERNETICS” from the master motivational speaker comes a series of fabulous sales and career ideas to move you into the top circle of business entrepreneurs. The book is a world best seller and the author presents the keys to success in this series of lectures heard on 2 CD’s.

8 dynamic lectures. The complete sales seminar is now available on 2 CD’s

CD’s Running Time – 2 Hours

  • How to use the new science of Sales Cybernetics
  • How to psyche yourself into greater sales action
  • How to become a powerful communicator-motivator
  • How to tag buying motives and closing sales
  • How to create powerful impressions to increase clients
  • How to win sales goals with the 12 master keys
  • How to psychologically counter objections
  • How to prospect and open new channels of business