Sales Cybernetics – Audio Tapes

10.95 $

New ideas on 21st century cybernetic selling and negotiating to improve sales closing ratios and business income. Hear the author of the best-selling book deliver in a clear, concise way, positive methods for personal and business success. Simply slip cassette into player, listen and learn at home, in the car, at the office or during leisure periods. Each single tape has two power-packed sales and marketing lectures to help bring top sales achievement.

Tape 1, Side 1 – How to use the New Science of Sales Cybernetics
Tape 1, Side 2 – How to Psyche Yourself into Greater Sales Action

Tape 2, Side 1 – How to Become a Powerful Sales Communicator – Motivator
Tape 2, Side 2 – How to Tag Buying Motives and Close Sales

Tape 3, Side 1 – How to Create Powerful Impressions to Increase Clients and Commissions
Tape 3, Side 2 – How to Win Sales Goals with the 12 Master Keys

Tape 4, Side 1 – How to Psychologically Counter Objections
Tape 4, Side 2 – How to Prospect and Open up New Channels of Business

Set of 4 tapes (1-2-3-4) in a sealed pack.